PX+ Festival @ Duchess Farms


24th - 27th August 2018

An extraordinary weekend of food, drink, music and ideas. That was the dream put to us by the fantastic Katie Bone and Isabel Kelly; Could they use Duchess Farms as the location for a hospitality only, weekend long festival?


Now those of you who know us will know that we are no strangers to a good party so when they explained the reasons behind it; to celebrate all the hard work and dedication that makes the industry what it is, all with a sustainable core by default there really was no deliberation.

As the main committee developed under their guidance we really had to pinch ourselves. Just how had we ended up in the middle of a group of such incredible people working towards such an awesome event? Every monthly meeting brought greater inspiration, bringing together a group of strangers who we are now fortunate enough to call good friends and strengthened our belief that not only was this event needed, it was the least the industry deserved. Come be our Personne eXtraordinaire, it’s time someone took care of you for a change.



If you were able to attend you would have seen (and smelled) some incredible areas of the farm transformed into an array of culinary delights. We could go on and on about what we loved but the courtyard is what really took us by surprise. Having various fire pits and barbecues constantly lit with meat and produce readily available for anyone to grab and start cooking is something we love doing. Throw in some exceptional talent and what you have is a laid back atmosphere with a mouthwatering selection of food. Walking around we could hear gasps of delight and were constantly being asked to try this and try that. From scallop curry to a slow cooked hanging leg of lamb every piece we tasted was out of this world.

We have to get back in a tractor now but we just wanted to thank each and every one of you who supported this incredible event, without you it wouldn’t have been possible so from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

Now we look to next year, to take your feedback onboard and to make PX+ 2019 bigger and better.

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Max & Oscar

All pictures courtesy of Nicolas Buisson for PX+ Festival