What are the health benefits of Rapeseed Oil?

When it comes to cooking, we want to have flavoursome foods, but we don’t want to compromise our general health and wellbeing. This is particularly relevant when it comes to the oils we use when cooking. We know saturated fats are bad for us, but we do need to use oil or fats of some kind, in order to cook – so how can you get the best of both worlds?

The French embraced Rapeseed oil generations ago, so if you want to continue using oils and want to also watch your health, switching your oil to Rapeseed oil is a really good start. Why? Well Rapeseed oil has the following benefits:

#1: It has less unhealthy saturated fats than other oils

Compared to other cooking oils, Rapeseed oil has the lowest levels of saturated fat, in fact, it has less than half of that found in Olive oil. Saturated fat is the type of fat that solidifies on your baking tray and roasting tin, long after you’ve eaten the food cooked in it. 

#2: It’s high in healthy oils

Rapeseed oil is high in mono-unsaturated fat (known to help lower cholesterol) and poly-unsaturated fats omega 3,6 and 9 – usually found in nuts seeds and fish. 

#3: It makes a great alternative to butter in cooking

If you’re trying to be healthier, cutting out butter and similar spreads is a good start. Luckily, Rapeseed oil can replace butter in your baking recipes, whether you’re wanting to bake cakes and savouries or soups and casseroles. 

#4: Contains no artificial preservatives

When it comes to looking after your health, we all know that artificial preservatives can hinder our health. Rapeseed oil has no artificial preservatives, plus it is also GM free too!

#5: Rapeseed oil compliments various dietary requirements

When it comes to our dietary requirements, we have a wide variety of eating options available to us – from gluten-free and vegetarian, to Halal and Kosher. Luckily, Rapeseed oil is suitable for them all – well worth bearing in mind when you’re next catering for someone with dietary requirements.

Finally, Rapeseed oil is so incredibly versatile, whatever your needs and requirements. It can be used for baking, roasting, frying and even marinades, dips, dressings and yes – even massaging – so, why not opt for a healthier lifestyle and switch your usual oil for Rapeseed today?